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Helping Dr. Haley Menge improve Patient Care with Nemont Fiber High-Speed Internet Connectivity

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Running a business without using the internet is virtually impossible today. Businesses are doomed to clunky or obsolete practices without a secure, fast, fiber-internet connection.

Marketing Department - Glasgow, Montana's official title is "The Middle of Nowhere." Glasgow is the furthest town from any metropolitan area, with more than 75,000 by 4.5 hours in any direction. It's a place where the dinosaurs once roamed.

East of Glasgow is one of the world's largest earth-fill dams, Fort Peck Dam. Fort Peck Dam is home to Fort Peck Lake. Fort Peck Lake is the fifth largest constructed reservoir in the United States; it extends 134 miles. The entire Fort Peck system is within the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

Hi-Line also refers to northern Montana near the Canadian border and U.S. Highway 2. What sounds like a beautiful and desolate area is home to many small businesses on the Montana hi-line. 

The Montana hi-line is home to Dr. Haley Menge's optometry practice Hi-Line Eye Care.

Dr. Menge is happy to be back in northeast Montana after gaining clinical experience in places such as the Wind River reservation, Roseburg Veteran Affairs Hospital in Roseburg, Oregon, and Portland and Beaverton, Oregon.

Dr. Menge offers many services, such as contact lens exams and fittings, dealing with dry eyes, and even LASIK surgery. Keeping things local is what small towns on the Montana hi-line need.

However, when you focus all your time entering data and less time interacting with your patient, that can make the patient interaction less than ideal. Dr. Menge gives Nemont an update!

"Fiber is huge! It was a game changer in my practice." Says Dr. Haley Menge of Hi-Line Eye Care.

Here is more of her story.


"Fiber is huge. It was a game changer in my practice." - Dr. Haley Menge, Hi-Line Eye Care
A benefit of fiber optic internet is the high bandwidth that allows simultaneous access by multiple users. High-speed internet sets the foundation for seamless interaction of the various tools and cloud-based systems around your business.