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100 x 100 Mbps Symmetrical Internet

Fixed Wireless Broadband


Nemont (WISP) offers subscribers a fixed wireless Internet option for areas without access to fiber Internet. Fiber Internet is the most reliable and fastest available connection, with speeds as fast as 1,000 Mbps.

Fiber Internet is the only technology that can meet the explosive growth in consumer and business demand for higher broadband speeds and services/applications that require more bandwidth. In addition to these exceptional services, several years of research show that having a fiber-optic connection to a home increases its value. 

Great news for areas without fiber Internet! Nemont offers a new fixed wireless Internet option: a 100x100 Mbps Symmetrical Internet Plan.

Fixed Wireless Broadband is an excellent solution for those who want fast and reliable Internet without waiting for fiber Internet in remote areas. There are no upfront costs.

Our fixed wireless broadband differs from other Internet technologies, which use radio signals to connect you to the Internet base tower.


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Advanced WiFi+ from Nemont

Advanced WiFi+ protects you from online threats.

key benefit of our service is the ability to protect against malicious websites and prevent unauthorized access to your home WiFi network.

In the event of an intrusion, the Nemont WiFi app sends you a notification and allows you to identify which device is the target. Advanced WiFi+ ensures that your devices and personal information remain safe and secure.


Per Month

Advanced WiFi+IQ

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe Online: Implement strong parental controls and monitoring software.

Set Time Limits: Limit screen time on devices or applications.

Regain Control Over Devices: Pause the Internet for any connected device, or individual, or everyone.


Per Month

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Our router comes installed with Internet Protection. Using your own equipment makes you ineligible for Advanced WiFi+ ($9/mo.) or Advanced WiFi+IQ from Nemont (added $5/mo.).

Advanced WiFi+ | Advanced WiFi+IQ
Our router comes with Advanced WiFI+ ($9/mo.)

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Symmetrical-speed capable equipment required. Services not available in all areas and may be impacted by customer-owned equipment, facilities or wiring.