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Call Before You Dig

With a long list of household projects and updates, we understand that mistakes can happen. Sometimes the home repairman (or professional contractor) who digs in the wrong place will disrupt the telephone service and put one home out of service, or sometimes it may be the whole block. Whether you’re using larger excavating equipment or just shovels, posthole diggers and pick, any tool used has the same chance of cutting the utility line.

If you have renovation plans such as putting up a new fence, moving trees or bushes, installing a sprinkler system or any other project involving excavating or burning, take advantage of the free service, Call Before You Dig. The person doing the work is responsible for making the call at least two business days, Monday-Friday, before starting work. A professional locator will be dispatched to locate buried cable and other utility facilities running through your property.

Failure to request a locate or use of an expired locate, can result in disrupted service not only for you but also for your neighbors. Repairs are costly for the responsible party, and damaged telephone plant may degrade service quality. The service is free, so don't forget - call before you dig!

For information concerning the location of underground cable, call the following toll-free number for your area.

For information concerning the location of underground cable,
call the following toll free number for your area.





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There is no charge for this service.