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Handset Protection

Handset protection, peace of mind for pennies a day.

Your cell phone warranty lasts only a year, and cell phone discounts are not available mid-contract. Now, when an accident happens, you can rescue your investment for just pennies per day. Available for Android and feature phones.

$10 Per Month

$0-$199 = $50 // $200-$399 = $75 // $400-$599 = $150 // $600 & 799 = $200 //
$800 & UP = $300
 rescue fee applies, depending upon model of phone.

For more information, give us a call today at 1-800-636-6680.

AppleCare is a separate program for Apple products. Please see store for details.

Handset Protection covers your cell phone in case of:
  • theft
  • vandalism
  • fire
  • loss
  • water damage
  • dropped objects
  • and other accidents
Maximum of two rescues per 24-month period.
  • Program cannot be purchased after a phone has been lost or damaged.
  • Phone functionality must be verified prior to coverage taking effect.
  • Nemont reserves right to discontinue program or exclude any customer from the program for any reason.
  • All monthly fees, account balances and the rescue fee must be paid at the time of rescue.
  • Some restrictions may apply.
This program does not cover “loss” caused directly or indirectly by the following:
  • Indirect loss or any delay, loss of market, loss of use or any other consequential loss; an increase of “loss” caused by or resulting from the delay in repairing or replacing covered property due to interference, at the location of repair or replacement by strikes, other persons or any other cause for loss.
  • “Loss” caused by or resulting from insects, vermin, or other wild animals.
  • “Loss” due to voluntary parting of covered property by you or anyone entrusted with the property.
  • “Loss” due to obsolescence, including technological obsolescence of the covered property.
  • Intentional or dishonest, including criminal acts, by you, and any of your authorized representatives, anyone you entrust with the property, and any of their family members, or anyone else with an interest in the property for any purpose, acting alone or in collusion with others.
  • “Loss” caused by change in color, texture, finish, extraction or contraction of covered property, however caused, or any other cosmetic damage to covered property, however caused.
  • “Loss” caused by faulty repair, adjusting, installation, servicing or maintenance unless fire or explosion ensues and then only for “loss” by ensuing fire or explosion.
  • Discharge, dispersal, seepage, migration, release or escape of “pollutants.”
  • Unauthorized repair or replacement.
  • Preventative maintenance or adjustments.
  • Use of the covered property in a manner for which it was not designed or intended by the manufacturer, or failure to follow the manufacturer’s installation, operation or maintenance instructions.
  • Error or omissions in design, programming, system configuration, faulty construction, or any original defect in any covered property, or recall by the manufacturer.
  • Mechanical breakdown not caused by a covered cause of loss.
  • Antenna damage resulting from carelessness or the use in which it was not designed for or intended by the manufacturer.
  • Replacement of non-removable face plates will void manufacturer and handset protection warranty.
  • Nemont reserves the right to deny any claim in the event lost or stolen equipment is not initially accompanied by a police report.
  • Nuclear hazard, meaning any weapon employing atomic fission or fusion; or nuclear reaction to radiation or radioactive contamination from any other cause.
  • War, including undeclared or civil war, warlike action by a military force, including action in hindering or defending against expected attack, by any government, sovereign or any other authority using military personnel or other agents of insurrection, rebellions, revolution, usurped action or action taken by government authority in hindering or defending against any of these.
  • Government action, meaning seizure or destruction of property by order of government authority.