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Nemont Email Migration

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Nemont is excited to bring a host of new functionality to our customers as we migrate to an updated email platform.  This new platform offers an integrated online experience with a unified inbox and calendars, while continuing to be reliable and secure.

What does this mean to you?
1. Nemont email customers will be automatically migrated to the new platform on the evening of 12/17/21. 

  1. NEMONT.NET EMAIL WILL BE UNAVAILABLE for approximately 48 hours or until the migration to the new platform has been completed.
  2. Effective on the January 2022 bill, Nemont will apply a fee of $1.00/month per nemont.net email address on your account.

Password Requirements:
1. Nemont email will be migrated with the current email password for those passwords exceeding 4 characters.

  1. Nemont email with passwords less than four characters in length will need to be changed prior to 12/14/21 or reset following the migration with a call to our support team.
    Click here for password change instructions!

Email Storage Limitations
1. Stored messages will automatically be migrated to the new server up to 10G.

  1. Email mailboxes cannot exceed 10G in storage. Mailboxes exceeding this threshold may experience issues with the migration of stored email, loss of stored email and/or interruption of email delivery to the new nemont.net email server.
    3.Those currently utilizing unique folders or the “Leave Mail on Server” setting in their email client software may experience previously read email downloaded or redownloaded.

Personal Webspace Nemont will be retiring all FTP and personal storage webspace.  Those currently utilizing this feature must have their files recovered prior to the 12/14/21 deadline to ensure no loss of data.

What can you do to prepare prior to 12/14/21? 
1. To prepare for this migration, you should verify your current email password. 

  1. If you have nemont.net email addresses that are not currently in use, call Nemont to have those addresses eliminated to avoid unnecessary charges on your bill.
  2. Be sure to back up all emails that need to be kept and/or eliminate redundant email storage.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns at 800-636-6680 or nemont@nemont.coop.


Thank you,

Your Nemont Team