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Forging emails using what looks to be a legitimate email address from a trusted source is becoming more and more common. It's called email spoofing and it can make spotting a scam more difficult.


We are aware of a new phishing scam being sent from 200cows@nemont.net asking for you to click on the links in the email (see actual email below). Please do not click on any of the links in the email. The attacker hopes to deceive you into thinking this email originated from Nemont. 


Email scammers use several strategies to bypass email defenses and trick users into divulging information or running malicious code. Some types of scam emails include a link to an attacker-controlled malicious website where the attacker collects sensitive data from victims. You can protect yourself by:

  • Filtering spam
  • Don't trust unsolicited email
  • Treat email attachments with caution
  • Don't click links in email messages

REMEMBER! Your username and password is for your use alone and you MUST keep it secret.

If you think you have responded to a phishing email, please contact Nemont IMMEDIATELY at (800) 636-6680!

The only person that should know your password is YOU!