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VoLTE Will Be A Necessity

VoLTE–Voice over LTE



VoLTE will be a necessity as carriers shutdown their non-LTE networks.


When available on your carrier’s network, VoLTE results in improved call quality and reliability. Soon, however, it will be a necessity and not an option, as the national carriers get rid of their non-LTE networks.

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. You probably have heard of the term LTE when it comes to 4G. Voice over LTE, or VoLTE for short, allows you to make calls using an LTE network that's available in your area; this results in improved call quality with reduced background noise. 

VoLTE calls use a more advanced LTE network instead of an older wireless voice network. Without VoLTE, your phone may drop back to a 3G network during voice calls. However, most major carriers are shutting down or have shut down their 3G services. Verizon's 3G shutdown was in December of 2020. AT&T shut down its 3G network in February of 2022.

It's essential to update your phone if it doesn't support VoLTE. One of the biggest benefits of having a newer phone is you'll get clearer calls, not to mention all of the other features a new phone has to offer. We understand that you may not want all of those extra features, such as a high-resolution camera.

How to turn on VoLTE
If you have a relatively modern 4G/LTE-equipped phone, chances are its VoLTE capable. However, if your VoLTE setting isn't on, your phone may be experiencing a weak signal.

Here's how to check to see if VoLTE is turned on.


We've put together a 'How To' video for you to reference or simply follow the directions below the video.

Enable VoLTE on iPhone/iOS Device

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Cellular.
  • Ensure the Cellular Data switch is in the “on” position.
  • Tap Cellular Data Options.
  • Tap Voice & Data.
  • Ensure LTE is selected (has a checkmark). If not, tap.
  • Ensure the VoLTE slider is in the “on” position.

These instructions are for the newest iOS version (iOS 14). On older versions of iOS, the process to turn on VoLTE will be very similar.

Enable VoLTE on an Android

Depending on the specific Android device you are using, these steps may differ somewhat.

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Network & Internet.
  • Tap Call.
  • Tap to enable VoLTE / HD Voice/ Enhanced calling.


  • Go to the dial pad of your phone.
  • Tap the 3 dots/menu in top right.
  • Tap Call Settings.
  • Tap to enable VoLTE / HD Voice / Enhanced calling.
Unfortunately, if you’re using an older phone or a phone that uses older technology (e.g. 3G and even some older 4G phones), your device may not support VoLTE at all. To avoid inevitable service disruptions, you should upgrade your phone as soon as possible. If you’re wondering which phones support VoLTE, you’ll actually be hard-pressed to find a new phone that doesn’t.


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